Screenshots of Jim Howick and Ben Willbond in Pointless Celebrities. So happy they made the final though it was a shame they didn’t win but did get £500 pounds each for Great Ormand Street Hospital. :)

I took 50 screenshots in all. I might add some more up later.

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thecoppercow replied to your post “trying to find a news story that illustrates the ‘basic economic…”

as in, a human interest story that illustrates the cost of living and things like that? Or a story about business? Anyhow, the mirror tends to have some every now and then…

to be quite honest, I’m not entirely sure! He didn’t really give us any extra instructions. I was thinking about writing something about HS2 and its alternatives/other uses of money because we had talked about similar things a couple of lessons ago! :)

trying to find a news story that illustrates the ‘basic economic problem’ but I’m too tired. And I should probably read a midsummer night’s dream but I just want to sleeeeep



is there anything on earth more anxiety inducing than being given unclear instructions and then put under time pressure

im so tired i read that as “nuclear instructions” and i think i found something more anxiety inducing than the original statement

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bare minimum? i thought you meant bear minimum. as in the smallest amount of bears possible. which is why i brought one bear. there’s one bear. aka. the smallest amount of bears possible. i mean this is a problem but at least it’s not like. bear maximum

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